The art of creating noise

The art of creating noise

Laozi once said, “The truth can say in words, is not the truth.”

Not believe, I know it too. I experienced the same thing. Words are useful only when you care about the noise, the art of making noise, good-noise.

The moment you don’t want to be in the noise but just want to enjoy the peace in silence, then all words mean nothing and can help nothing.

No matter how good words can use, it never could bring the silence. It could never express the silence. How can it?

So that is very important about my philosophy as well, the most important point:

Old Philosophy was nothing but words. They tried to use words to express silence. But the silence itself has nothing to do but words. In fact, you have to stop making noise, shut your mouth up, and only then, you can taste the beauty, the sweetness, the meaning of silence. 

But noise is not bad. Before you appreciate the silence, a bit of noise would be needed. 

This book has two missions: First, I would try to make some good noise for your life. Good noise means the sounds of life. They are the sound of laugh and the cry; the sound of songs and pray; sounds of nature and un-nature; the sound you can hear and even the sound you can not hear, but you know they are there: the sound of angry, jealousy, desire, judgment,…) I will try my best to make all these sounds clearer and as enjoyable as I can for you to feel it, accept it. One day when you enjoy enough, then you will look for something else: the silence.

It is also the second mission of this book. To show you something you never seen or never care before: the beauty of the silence.

The Silence will change your life from deep inside, from the roots, not the noise. 

The silence is the most powerful magic in life. It can turn everything bad to good. It is the natural alchemist magic that human has forgotten. 

The silence is the only way that can transform us from an idiot to a mysterician.

Base on this wisdom:

“A man comes to a mysterician and asks: “How can I be wiser?”

The mysterician said: “Always think twice before you say anything, and then, don’t say anything.”

I agree with the mysterician. It is not because I am a wisor, but because I can see how stupid I am when I say anything anytime. This book could be the dumbest, the most foolish book you ever read, if it is, please accept my apologize. 

I was buried in the silence when I was trying to survive with a broken heart and a broken ego. I tried to find the answer to my life, but deep in the silence, no answer would be found, just all questions disappeared. The moment the questions disappear, I found myself, I found the beauty and the meaning of everything that happened. I found peace and I found the truth; I mean the silence. 

That blissful, peaceful is so overwhelming that I can not hold for myself. I have to share it. Just like a heavy cloud has to shower itself when it is so full of water vapor. Just like a rose has to express its fragrant because it can not hold it anymore inside. But I do know that there is no way to share the silence. All I can do is share some new ideas about the noise, the art of making good noise, and the art of enjoying the noise when it is still needed and useful.

This book is all about the art of living a good-noise life to prepare for you to be in silence.

What is the best noise of life you think? For me, it is the noise or the sound of laughing.

If you are curious and want to know more, this book is for you. Thank you for reading my philosophy, no matter you agree with me or not, that is your problem. I just want to say thank you first. 

All I want is to write a book that can make people laugh and laugh more. And enjoy a moment of silence, then laugh again. Yes, it is all I wish for this book’s mission. Because my first sweet Philosophy is: Life is short. Don’t be so serious. Let’s make it sweet and fun as much as we can. 

Now let me “tickle” you a little bit. I’m totally for New Philosophy but still, something old-school that I love. One “old-school-idea” is I do believe the best way to start a book is a good story.

Here the first story I’m going to tickle you:

There is a man who always believes that he’s right. (We seem all have a friend like this) Everyone doesn’t like the way he is so sure about everything and never admit he was wrong, even one. But because he is the boss and everyone is under his control, so no one wants to fight. 

One day a new worker comes and works in the factory, he looks at the big blackboard said: “Boss is always right.” So he is curious, and he asked the boss: “Boss. Are you always right?”

“Kind of.”

“Have you ever been wrong in your life? Or never?”

The boss says: “Of course I have, I am human. I could be wrong. I was wrong once. But only once.”

Everyone in the factory is so exciting. They can not believe their boss can admit such a thing. They all gather. They want to hear about that particular time when their boss was wrong. They ask the boss to tell the story or the situation.

The boss says: “Nothing much to say actually. That time I thought I was wrong. But I was not.”

Oh yeah, such a boss! I do believe we all have met a boss like this at least once in our imperfect life. Noone likes anyone that says “I always right” or “I know everything” ever. It is a fact too.

For a rare moment when I look back at my life with the lousy way I see: It seems like I was always wrong. The only time I thought I was right, I was wrong again!

How it’s possible?

I realize everytime when I tried to think a serious way, do serious things, they all were bad or wrong. But anytime when I decided to take things easy, lightly, things turned right easily. 

So this time, I want to write a book a new way, not a serious way but simple, easy, and honesty. 

About honesty, I will never say I know everything because I do not. But I also won’t say “I know nothing” as the most famous philosophy of all time – Socrate – said.

All I can say is: I know something, but that something means nothing at the end. 


No so.

If you still want to read this book. Please take it easy. Don’t be so serious ok? Because life is too short to live seriously. Let’s share some laughs.

The world needs more laugh. Don’t be so costive, so scrimp. 

Here is another laugh I just read from the book I am reading. I can’t wait to share it with you now before we finish this chapter.
I should make it become a rule for this book: Start a chapter by a laugh, and end it the same way. What do you think?

P/s: By the way, I never thought just a quick note of spending-money-diary could bring this much messages of life. It is a perfect example to the point: words are powerful. Enjoy!

This is a short cut from a man’s diary spending note:
1/11: Advertisement for choosing a new secretary – $50
2/11: Flowers for secretary’s desk                               -$80
8/11: Week salary for secretary                                   -$300
9/11: Perfume for secretary                                           -$100
11/11: Candy for wife                                                       -$10
13/11: Lunch for secretary and myself                        -$100
15/11: Week salary for secretary                                  -$400
17/11: Gambling for wife and myself                           -$50
18/11: Theatre for secretary and myself                     -$100
19/11: Candy for wife                                                      -$10
20/11: Doreen’s salary                                                    -$500
21/11: Theatre, dinner for D and myself                     -$300
02/12: Checking health in Harley street                     -$500
03/12: Gift for wife                                                          -$2000
04/12: Advertisement for new male-secretary         -$50

Thank you for reading.