And I see the samsara… LITTLE SAMI

In the Zen, I see it…

In the Zen, I see you…

Little Sammie

The lady with long black hair and skinny fingers

Holding her little boy, pulling him closer to her chest

softly touching massaging his currly soft brown hair

The little boy was almost stop-breathing

listening to his mom’s heartbeats and associate it’s like the sounds of the cuckoo-clock on the white-wooden-wall in his room

Thic, thic, thic

Thic thic thic

Thic thic

Thic thic, not tik tik

because his ears were all covered so he hardly hear anything clearly

For a moment Little Sammie wanted to stop the sound…

For a moment Little Sammie wished to stop the time…

But he was a smart boy

Smart boy was so scared…

Every kid has so much wisdom because they are still fresh

They just came from the land of Gods not long ago

They still have deep connection with God, with the mystery, with the existence.

Sammie was a little boy still

That’s why he has such wisdom about the wishes

That’s why he was scare of his own wish

and very careful before saying his wish on words…

For a moment he wished to stop the time

For a moment he wished his mother not to leave…

but he also knows well, if the time somehow stops

if those thic thic sounds somehow stop,

means his mom’s heart would stop also…

So he wants it to stop and the same time he doesn’t want it to stop, ever

Ohh little boy was so scared

So much scared inside makes himself stonning like a statue

And that’s why he has the look like a statue made by marble

He is always beautiful as a statue since he was born.

The lady in deep-plum-silk-shawl covering herself and the little boy in her arms

Little Samie feel like he was in a morning dim fog, but red, not white, not grey

And of course not great!

The lady looks deep into her boy’s big brown eyes

Whispering “don’t cry, Little Sammie, don’t cry”

But on her own face, tears are falling as a summer rain in a summer day


A warm and salty rain


Tears have showering on little Sammi’s face

He couldn’t decide if he likes it or hate it

He does enjoy it but it feels bad to admit such a “crime”…

His mommy is crying

He loves her tears and he hates them too

“Baby, don’t cry…”

Little Sammie was a good boy, he obeys his mom’s request.

He won’t cry, so he keeps all his tear right there behind the long eyelash

He hold them on, hold them on forever if he could

The tears make his big brown eyes even more big

The tears make his glitter eyes even more twinkle

That’s why Little Sammie always has big shiny eyes

And that’s why they’re always look wet…

The lady couldn’t help herself to let him go and leave…

She couldn’t admit it was her, herself – the boat was trying to hold on the anchor…

The strangers in long jackets with the colour of ripe-plums

gently whispering “it’s time, my lady”

“My lady…” Little Sammie repeats

Little Sammie do not know those strangers but he still gives them big respect

He knows, again, with his fresh wisdom from the connection with gods

He knows that those plum-people would take good care of mommy

For him…

Little Sammie still stonning, keep his face as cool as any statue

Little beautiful boy was trying to hold on all his tears

Didn’t want to let them break the dam of eyelashs

And fail mommy…

He made a promise to himself he would never fail her – “my lady”

Little Sammie was a real man even before he growning up

“Won’t you blame me, Sammie?”

“Will you look for me when you grown up?”

The lady wanted to ask but there is no space for words in such a moment

There is no space for anything in such a moment,

All her senses were so focusing on feeling her little boy a little bit more

The last thing Little Samie hear

Was the sounds thic thic slowly fadding away

The last thing Little Sammie see

Was his mom’s beautiful hands giving him many distance-kisses from her plum-colour-lips

The last thing Little Samie hearing from her trembling-sweet-voice

“Namaste, my baby, namaste!”

Little Samie repeats “Namaste, momie!”

and tears start falling out of his eyelash like a waterfall

washing his whole beautiful little statue face

it was never be seen again on this earth

when a marble statue can cry

pouring his bless to his dearly lady…

It was 3, in the morning

when the sun was still sleeping but its light started appeared here and there in the winter forest

lighting up the maple trees

redding up the maple trees

so red…

when the red-light was covering the whole earth

Little Sammie couldn’t handle it no more

he closed his eyes

holding his breath

and when he open them again

he see himself as Sammie, wakeing up on his bed

but not a “little Sam” anymore…

It was 3 in the morning

when the sun was still sleeping but its light started lighting up the maple trees in the winter forest

which covered by a light-grey fog

Sammie looks into the forest outside his window and waiting for the light slowly red-up the maple leaves

He knows it is the time!

Closing the eyes, take a deep breath

With his palms together on his chest – the namaste

Big Sammie now whispering “Yes, my lady, I will find you!”

by Phi, 29/7/2022

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