I am no more an empty boat…

You fixxed my shoes
You fixxed my glasses
You fixxed my illusion
And you fixxed me, too!
Leaving your magical workshop
Leaving you
I am no more a boat
But a thousand pieces of wood
Painful at first
Now just free
Confusing at first
Now just be
A thousand lives now open the doors
A thousand-me now exist at once
I was once an empty boat
No goods, no sailor
No even a desire to live
You was once an invisible anchor
Holding me back to the world
Gave me a reason to live
Gave me a reason to hope
The empty boat now was no more empty
It carried a hope
It carried a dream
It carried an anchor
It carried too much.
How heavy!!!
I was once an empty boat
I thought I’m free
I was not
There was still an illusion of what could be
There was still a dream about what would be
I was once an empty boat
Floating randomly on the ocean of love
Following the winds
Passing the storms
Dreaming about finding and dating the moon
I was one an empty boat
Traveling, looking for the moon
Had found the moon
And got hit very hard by that very moon that I love…
Never could believe
A soft thing like love can break me that much
Never could imagine
A beautiful thing like moonlight can hurt me that much
Never could believe
After how many times, the pain is just new and fresh the same
And it even was not the moon
But just the reflection of it
on the ocean
was enough
to break the boat
And it even was not you who created the pain
But just the illusion of my own
was enough.
Now I’m broken
Now I’m poor
I have nothing left
Not even the self
My boat is broken
My ego too
My Illusion about “self” is faded
The connection with the body is no more
The empty boat also disappeared
A thousand pieces of wood now are free to live a thousand lives
I’m broken
But I’m free
The empty boat is no more in the shape
Just pieces and pieces
Thousands pieces
Thousand me

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