And petals have showered…

The girl has died for the thousand flowers to live…
“And flowers have been showering…” is the name of the painting.
I read the book “And flowers have showered” (Osho) long time ago and always wish I could paint something about it, to express that feeling of bliss and peaceful and “quiet-joyful” when I go deep and deeper into the world of the silence.
I did not know how. I had some ideas but non of them was seem worth!
And I painted the “happy-hanging-girl” months ago when I just walked out of a storm, when I was in a bad-emptiness, thinking about how to disappear… The girl in the painting, naked, after a good shower, felt fresh, felt good, felt like it’s time to go away forever with the help of a golden rope… But she couldn”t make it… She was still thinking… The rope was hanging there waiting in her hand… It was months ago.
And now, all nightmares have gone, for good.
So now is the time for the girl in the painting to stop thinking, but just die, really die, disappear…
And then be born again
in the life of the thousand flowers…
And those flowers would die too – it’s not a sad thing, it’s the beauty of life.
Life and death, they are both beautiful and necessary just the same.
The flowers don’t live forever but somehow when they die, they are still available to make a beautiful petals-showering, flying themselves in the winds and back to the arm of earth.
At the end, their death is still so romantic and poetic just as their life.
Life is completed!
I love to die as a flower oneday after giving all my colors and scents into the universe, if I have any.
Just think about it: the old-girl has to die for the new life of thousands flowers blossom.
And she was absolutely happy to do so.
If our death can turn into a salvation for others.
I think everyone would do, not just you – Jesus.
“Jesus Christ” is the name but my whole life I heard it as “Jesus Cry” and because of that, I always laughed anytime when someone said “Jesus Christ”
I always turn the situation from bad to a laugh
I have done alchemist without knowing about my wrong
But after all, who care if I’m right or wrong?
At least I don’t care.
I still love the idea of “Jesus Cry” instead of “Jesus Christ”. That idea always make me laugh to think about a situation that even Jesus has to cry.
Jesus did cry. Jesus did die. But he did come back.
Who cares if it’s right or just a mystic. The whole story has its beauty and meaning.
We always can do just the same what he did.
Re-born ourselves in a different beautiful life.
Get off the old life as a snake took off his old skin.
Get off the old life as my painting did.
How awesome the way we live our life just like a painting, erase all things we don’t like and start painting something new, fresh and beautiful.
How hard is it to re-new a life?
It very much depends on how much we want it and how creative we are.
We are not just the creatures, we are also the creator.
We are not just children of God, we are God.
To know this truth, one will have to die first in every way…
Be friendly with death, he is a friend, not enemy!

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